St. Paul Lutheran Church

Maryville, TN

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Support Ministries Team

We strive for justice and peace in all the earth.

Give us this day. . .Our daily bread!”  The Supporting/Growing Ministries of St. Paul help aide the congregation in many ways from maintaining our property, archiving our history for generations to come, to our stewardship.  We believe as a congregation, that we are called to support and grow, both inwardly and outwardly for the sake of the kingdom.  In doing that though, we know that all we have are gifts from God; gifts given to us to be mere caretakers of.

We are all blessed.  Some of us have more and some of us have less, but each of us has some way in which we can offer God’s touch to those in need, provide physical or spiritual sustenance for those who need to be nourished, all of us have something we can add to the pot for those who hunger or those who are thirsty or those who have nowhere to lay their heads at night, or those who simply need to be loved.


We remember that nothing we have is truly ours it all belongs to God and God has called each of us to be mere stewards of his bountiful blessings.  Stewards that share with those in need, for in doing so we have made the kingdom more real than ever.


We give thanks for all the good gifts that God has given us — giving us all that we need.  For the gifts of our daily bread, for food and drink, warmth and shelter, but also for love, forgiveness, hope, faith, prayer, and praise.